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Painted Treasures
I have such fun painting pots! Each is sealed so watering the plant does not affect the painted surface. pot1 pots2 pots3

I also paint boxes to put my jewelry into or whatever you want!

boxes spiralbox stripebox
This was an older, used and scratched desk. I primed it with a metal primer, then painted it with acrylics. I certainly looks better than the drab taupe color it used to be! desk1 desk2 deskwhole

This was a used and scratched refrigerator. It was transformed to a whimsical above and below water level painting.

refer refer2
Here is another desk made of wood this time. It also was used and scratched, so the customer requested something be painted on it. When she saw my first desk, she wanted one like it. desk1 desk3desk2 desk4
Painting recycled fabric purses, bags and billfolds is a new line of items I have developed. I found cloth bags at local thrift stores and transformed them into cute accessories. No need to keep an "ugly" purse, I can change it with some painted accents, or cover it completely. gardenbag closeup backspiralpurse billfold

These brightly colored pieces are my "Words of Affirmation" plaques. I try to make interesting backgrounds, and paint the letters by hand.


These Plaques are available for sale at:

CornerHouse Gallery
3318 1st Ave NE, Ste A
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Photo on left is a canvas painting with a bible verse. I used sponging and stencils in the background, then painted the rose and placed the words.

The pieces on the right are wood plaques using recycled wood left from a remodeling project in my home. I used many layers of paint and the alcohol resist method to get interesting textures. I typeset the phrases to get the correct size and spacing, then paint all the letters by hand. Avaialable at:
CornerHouse Gallery
3318 1st Ave NE, Ste A
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Rose with verse Faith Quote Plaques

This is a vase the customer had spray painted dark red. Can you tell? I sprayed it ivory, then used chalk pastels to colorize the etched patterns.

Vase1 Vase2 Vase3
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