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Faux Textures
This effect was achieved by freehand painting and stenciling in a color slightly darker than the background color.

swirl6 swirl2 swirl1

I liked it so well I did it in the entryway of our new house, only using a lighter color than background. It is very subtle. swirl4 swirl5

This living room had a built-in nitch. I emphasized it with a border of faux tiles.

Both of these samples were achieved with a glazing technique. The first photo shows an off-white background with a brown glaze over it. The second photo (in a theater room) has a golden yellow background and a reddish brown glaze. tex1 tex2
Copper and Bronze metallic paint over dark brown using loose criss-cross brushstrokes makes this tray ceiling look like hammered copper. copper copper2
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Last Updated 7/20/16

Cindi Weyer
Hiawatha, IA