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Murals Large and Small
My most recent mural is in the cafeteria of a local school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have the before photo and two after shots. The mural really brightened the room. Hopefully this art will inspire young people to eat healthy! BEFORE mural cafeteria mural close up
This is an outdoor mural on a potting shed. It hides an odd panel of wood and creates an attention-grabbing frame of leaves for a Greenman plaque from Ireland.


This a mural of a jungle scene done in a baby boy's room. The animals are cute and friendly. nateleft natert

These little fairies were added to large flowers that had already been painted on the wall.


fairy1 fairy2

fairy3 fairy4

These jungle friends are in the bathroom of a daycare. bath1 bath2

Here is the hallway of the same daycare. The owner wanted something brighter, more cheerful and inviting to the kids.

hall counter

door flamingo

This circus is on a huge wall of a daycare gym/playroom. All the walls are white, so the room needed some color and excitement.

circus monkey


This is also a daycare bathroom done in a different style than the first one. These happy animals greet the kids when they come in! elephant hippo tree
This beach scene is in a classroom of a daycare. beach
This the bathroom by the classroom with the beach scene. The kids get to swim with the sea creatures when they wash their hands! sea turtle fish
This mural is on the top portion of a bedroom wall. (5'x11') It is a bright little fairy land with a castle in the distance, and flowers in a garden acting as the bottom border. mural1 tulip lily lilac roses
This is a portion of the mural that started it all. It was originally supposed to be clouds on the ceiling, but quickly turned into an impressionistic landscape. Through word of mouth, I received requests for other murals. bathroom
Here is another bathroom mural. The room has tiles on the bottom half, and countryside on the top. The tree even "grows" up across the ceiling. wall tree
This wall is done in a basement playroom. Because the customer could not decide what she wanted painted, I created a grid and painted lots of different scenes. Between my mini-murals are photos of her grandchildren, and cork boards where the kids could hang their art too. gridwall cottage garden
This project started out with the idea of hiding support columns on a side wall. It was decided that drawing attention away from that wall was a better solution, so we started discussing what they wanted to see on the wall. The customers loved gardening and wanted flowers that they grow in their garden. So I painted a garden growing right out of the floorboards. I added some accents around doors with climbing clematis and butterflies and moths. root detail clematis

I did several painting projects in this home. Two projects are shown here. An extra bedroom was transformed into a tropical island getaway.

The second is a floral swag that sits above the customer's bed.


ocean seagull


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