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Canvas Paintings

Bright Colored Abstract Paintings

Free and fun and COLORFUL! Loosly painted in layers of color with highlights. Larger triptyks are painted on 2 10x30s and one 12x36. The Diptyk is 2 16x20s. The smaller triptyk is pInted on 2 10x20 and one 12x24.

Available at:

CornerHouse Gallery
3318 1st Ave NE, Ste A
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Rainbow Lake Rainbow Flowers Rainbow Trees Abstract Flowers

I painted this in college. It is in oils, and everything is blended by hand, no airbrushing.

I entered this painting into the Iowa State Fair juried art exhibit. It was accepted, which I consider an honor since hundreds of pieces compete for entry.



Left: were experiment depicting Iowa corn fields in various levels of detail.

Right: This painting was done back when I was in highschool or college. I was practicing how to depict flowers.

corn1 flowers

Left: This painting was done using oil paints and a pallete knife -- no brushes at all.

Right: This was done in my "jewel tone" phase. I painted huge flowers in bright colors.

angel orchid
These little paintings were commissioned as a Christmas gift. Not sure what style the final recipient would like, I did the same scene in 2 different styles. I was working off a photograph the customer had of an Arizona landscape. I was told he liked them both. arizona1 arizona2

These paintings are of the houses that my dad designed and built. The first one he built before he was married. The second he built when I was 2, and we lived there over 20 years. The third is a cabin we built on an island in Northern Minnesota. What a unique experience to build a house on an island!

house1 Garwin House cabin

This was a commissioned piece of the property and future home of the customer. The painting was done from a photograph.

These paintings are done on glass. The image is drawn with a quill pen and ink, then painted in oils on the back side of a piece of glass. There is lots of turning over to see if the front side looks right! glass finchglass owl

These Fairies are painted on wood panels. I started the series as mock ups for a mural painting and just kept going with the pretty little fairies.

Blue Fairy Yellow Fairy Purple Fairy Yellow Fairy
These spirals are painted on wood panels. I love the bright colors and blended rainbow effects. Spirals are often used to represent eternity, or life growth in many cultures. They are so much fun to do! Spiral1 Double Spiral flare Spiral

These paintings of tropical fish are so fun to do! The bright colors and many textures give the feel of the activity of life on the reefs of our ocean.

The first painting is done entirely with a brush and sponge to get all the details.

The second painting exploits the uniqueness of pouring medium textures as I used the medium in a few colors to create a background, and then again as collaged paint skins for most of the corals. The fish and turtle are painted with a brish.


These Tropical Fish paintings are available at:

CornerHouse Gallery
3318 1st Ave NE, Ste A
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Tropical Fish Tropical Fish 2

coral Reef detail1

This is a 16x20 canvas painting of an ocean wave at sunset/sunrise. Maybe because I have lived in Iowa my whole life, I am fascinated by the sea and all living creatures in it. I really enjoy the tranquil colors and gentle movement of the waves. I can almost hear them crashing.

Prints of this original painting are available by emailing Cindi at cindi.weyer@gmail.com


Ocean Wave
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