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These whimsical borders are for a little girl's room where a ridgid straight edge border was not wanted. The "vine" sweeps along with flowers, leaves and bugs added. Over the window it transforms into words.

border4 flower border1border1 border 2

This border sits in a tray ceiling and goes across the ceiling in two corners. The colors match the customer's bedding. peach flowers closeup

This border is in a tray ceiling. The copper/ bronze metalic paints mixed with loose brush strokes makes it look like hammered copper.

This border was painted in a bathroom after a conventional border would not stick. lilac1 lilac2
In this bedroom, I painted the top in aqua, the bottom in lavender and blended the colors in the middle in a wavy line. I then painted ivy in the general area of the blend. I added extra ivy around the door corners. ivy ivy2
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Last Updated 7/20/16

Cindi Weyer
Hiawatha, IA